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Whether you intend to construct a new building(s), expand your current site, adapt an existing structure or evaluate an investment opportunity, it makes sense to consult a professional who shares your aspirations.

Are you a commercial client?

  • Heritage Consultants are experts in development history and phasing and can help achieve sensitive adaptation and reuse of historic sites and buildings.
  • Heritage consultants can assess the heritage value of a site (including the eligibility for statutory listing) and scope out capacity for redevelopment and extension.
  • Heritage Consultants can act as advocates for development at sensitive sites, drafting the necessary specialist reports, and leading negotiations with Local Authority conservation officers.
  • Heritage consultants can guide design development from the outset to bolster your prospects of planning approval.

Are you a domestic client?

  • A Heritage Consultant can research the architectural history of your property and identify features of special interest.
  • A Heritage Consultant can advise which works do and do not require approval by the Local Authority.
  • A Heritage Consultant can help ensure your design will secure listed building consent and help your architect produce the right drawings.
  • A Heritage Consultant can help you regularise any unauthorised work to your listed building which you may have carried out or inherited.