Planning Permission in Principle (PPIP)

June 2017

The Planning Permission in Principle (PPIP) Order 2017 will provide permission in principle for land allocated in a brownfield land register.

By December 2017, every Council should have a brownfield register (Part 1) in place, listing all brownfield sites the local authority consider suitable for housing or housing led development, regardless of their planning status.

Placing a site in Part 1 of the register will not automatically grant PPIP. Applications for PPIP (Part 2) will be determined by the Council in accordance with policies and a detailed consultation with stakeholders. PPIP is set to give developers more certainty by determining the key principle factors - use, location and amount.

Placing a site on Part 2 of the register (i.e. obtaining PPIP), does not automatically enable development to proceed. Applicants must first obtain Technical Details Consent, to consider the detailed design and ensure any mitigation measures are appropriately enforced.

Avalon Planning will be issuing a briefing note on Brownfield Registers and PPIP in the coming weeks.