Why Use Avalon?

Why use a Planning Consultant?

"Whether you intend to construct a new building(s), expand your current site, adapt an existing structure or evaluate an investment opportunity, it makes sense to consult a professional who shares your concerns"

Are you a commercial client?

  • Planning Consultants are trained to assess and manage risk with any development proposal or opportunity. Therefore relinquishing you to manage your day to day business.
  • Planning Consultants solve problems pragmatically – when planners are involved at the earliest opportunity, they gain more opportunities to understand your business, develop solutions and propose methods to add value to your portfolio.
  • Planning Consultants can manage your project from site selection to completion. In many developments, the role of the planning consultant includes co-ordinating a team of specialist sub-consultants.
  • Planning Consultants can save you time – by managing and co-ordinating key project elements.

Are you a domestic client?

  • No matter how small your project, a Planning Consultant will manage your hopes and anxieties and will help you translate your vision into reality.
  • A Planning Consultant can find extra light or alternative solutions that you hadn't explored and can help you find the right architect and construction team.
  • A Planning Consultant will act professionally, providing honest advice to help you deliver your dream development on time and on budget.

To get in touch with our Planning team, please contact Murray Ross on 01392 581150 or murray@avalonplanning.co.uk

Why use a Heritage Consultant?

"Whether you intend to construct a new building(s), expand your current site, adapt an existing structure or evaluate an investment opportunity, it makes sense to consult a professional who shares your aspirations"

Are you a commercial client?

  • Heritage Consultants are experts in development history and phasing, and can help achieve sensitive adaptation and reuse of historic sites and buildings.
  • Heritage consultants can assess the heritage value of a site (including the eligibility for statutory listing) and scope out capacity for redevelopment and extension.
  • Heritage Consultants can act as advocates for development at sensitive sites, drafting the necessary specialist reports, and leading negotiations with Local Authority conservation officers.
  • Heritage consultants can guide design development from the outset to bolster your prospects of planning approval.

Are you a domestic client?

  • A Heritage Consultant can research the architectural history of your property and identify features of special interest.
  • A Heritage Consultant can advise which works do and do not require approval by the Local Authority.
  • A Heritage Consultant can help ensure your design will secure listed building consent and help your architect produce the right drawings.
  • A Heritage Consultant can help you regularise any unauthorised work to your listed building which you may have carried out or inherited.

To get in touch with our Heritage team, please contact Nick Bishop on 01392 581150 or nick@avalonplanning.co.uk

Why use an Archaeology Consultant?

Archaeology by its very nature is often an unknown risk factor in development. Having an archaeological consultant as part of your design team can be crucial in ensuring that archaeology is factored into budgets and construction programmes to avoid unexpected costs, delays and to manage compliance with planning conditions.

As well as providing advice and undertaking desk-based site appraisals, an archaeological consultant can be an important interface between contractors and clients. They engage with planning archaeologists, interpret project briefs, select contractors to undertake the proposed archaeological investigations, and draft specifications and Written Schemes of Investigation (WSIs) for tendering processes. These documents need to be sufficiently explicit to make sure all contractors cost against the same scope, which will assist in the selection of an appropriately experienced contractor.

Archaeological Consultants work to standards and guidance set by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA). The Institute has produced a comprehensive guide for developers who need to commission archaeological work as part of their project.

To get in touch with our Archaeology team, please contact Alex Farnell on 01392 581150 or alex@avalonplanning.co.uk